About us

Our family enterprise has been offering accommodation for tourists since 2010. The apartment is located near Trogir in the Marina-bay in Marina Poljica. The accommodation is only 80m from the beach and the sea is visible from its balcony.

One of the greatest advantage of the bay is that there aren’t any sea-hedgehog at the beach and its neighbourhood so it’s unnecessary to use special shoes against them. The water’s average temperature is always warmer 1-2C° and the waves are smaller than the other beaches which aren’t located in bay. The sea’s living world is various and rich therefore it is a great opportunity for kids and adults to dive in order to discover the world under the water.

In the neighbourhood of the accommodation are 4 beaches. It is possible to rent a boat or a jet-ski at the beach. There are several small island which you can visit by excursion boats. In the neighbourhood of the beach are located restaurant, ice cream shop, coffee shop and bakeries.

The bigger cities and sites in the neighbourhood of Marina Poljica:

Trogir, Split, Šibenik, , Rogoznica, Krka Nemzeti Park,Marina, Marina Frapa és a közelben található szigetek.

Poljica is ~22 kilometers from the highway and there are international buses which stop here. The plane arrives in Split so as the train.

If you like the Adrian Sea and you require peace and quiet during your holiday, Poljica is the ideal place for you and your family!

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